Danica Patrick’s Sprint Cup career may start at Daytona 500 Sunday

Danica PatrickDanica Patrick’s Sprint Cup career starts at the Daytona 500, Sunday, right after Grand Marshal Jane Lynch drops the green flag, MSNBC writes. But Lynch is appearing as herself and not as Sue Sylvester, her onscreen alter Glee-go.

It’s not that Patrick is the first woman to run a NASCAR race or the first pair of XX-chromosomes to circle Daytona. Danica Patrick is not the only driver moving from IndyCar to stock cars this season and she’s far from being a rookie.

The problem for Danica Patrick is that she’s also a brand, and her status as a two-legged marketing strategy threatens to overshadow her abilities as a driver. There will be constant reminders that they want her to do put more Coke chugging fans in the bleachers and ensuring TV ratings continue to increase, Jelisa Castrodale from MSNBC writes.

Extract: Stig Björne. Source: MSNBC

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